Order of Worship

(on a phone, best viewed horizontally) 


June 23, 2024            10:45am

Camp Sunday


Preservice Music



Call to Worship

Hymn     Come, Now is the Time to Worship      VT 29

Scripture   1 Corinthians 12:4-11

Children’s Feature

Camp Song     I Like Bananas      on screen

Message    BIG (and little) Gifts


Sharing Time

Offering Prayer

Musical Offering       Together       VT389

Joys and Concerns

      After each time of sharing we respond “Lord, hear our prayers.”


Sending Hymn   Christ Has No Body Here but Ours    VT 568



Worship Leader: Kathryn Friesen                                              Speaker: Jon Olfert

Children’s Feature: Jon Olfert                                                Reader: Justin Stoesz

Musicians: Cheryl Thiessen, Jon Olfert, Noah Thiessen, Kathleen Stoesz

Joys and Concerns: Debbie Bledsoe                 Ushers: Robert Proudfoot, Lauren Reid


We welcome Jon Olfert, Camp Valaqua Director, to our worship service this morning.